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We deliver turnkey railway projects with a specialist focus on signalling and power.

Signalling & Power
Signalling & Power

S&T Cover designs, delivers, maintains and repairs traditional signalling systems as well as the latest signalling and control technology supported through the European Train Control System (ETCS) and traffic management programme and associated digital railway delivery.

Our Signalling specialist services are outlined here.

S&T Cover designs signalling systems that ensure safe and efficient train operations. The design includes the selection of appropriate signalling equipment, determining the location of signalling equipment, and developing signalling plans.

In addition, our specialist operatives have extensive knowledge of, signalling control and detection equipment, lineside ancillary infrastructure and signalling power supply works and we have extensive experience in level crossing upgrades, points installation, electromechanical and, interlocking, relay room rewires, and fringe works.

Electrification & Plant
Electrification and Plant

Signalling systems require a reliable and constant power supply. Our E&P engineers will ensure that there is adequate power supply to support the signalling equipment we work with. This includes the design and installation of power cables, transformers, and other equipment necessary for the distribution of power.

S&T Cover’s expert E&P engineers are experienced in the design, installation, and maintenance of the electrification and plant elements required to support the signalling system on UK railways, ensuring that rail infrastructure is designed and constructed to meet industry standards and guidelines, and that it is properly maintained to ensure safe and efficient train operations.

Civil Engineering for Signalling and Power

Signalling and Power systems require access, foundations and Cable Management Systems (CMS). S&T Cover have full  design and construction capability for all civil engineering elements required to support signalling and associated power elements. 


Track elements are an essential part of the overall signalling system. S&T Cover engineers have the capability to design, install, test and maintain associated track elements including:

  • Track Circuiting

  • Axle Counters

  • Points Detection

  • Track Signals

  • Level Crossings

  • Train Stops

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