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Wessex Reactive Signalling Cables

Project Start Date: October 2021

Project Duration: 3 years

Project Outline:

Network Rail has instigated a major ongoing Signalling Cable Renewal programme on the Wessex Route. Managed from our Eastleigh Depot, S&T Cover Ltd upon receipt of a Project Initiation form and site information, manage and carry out surveys, correlation, route and vegetation clearance, installation, testing of new cables and recovery of redundant cables.

Where required, S&T Cover will carry out further investigation to determine the extent of the renewal that will be required. In such cases S&T Cover have also renewed other Signalling assets such as TPWS ‘s and AWS’s. Also, troughing route renewals including the repair of UTX’s and URX’s and minor Signalling Civils (renewing grouting, location case hard standing, handrails, Signal structure repairs and any minor Signalling Civils covered by the Signalling Installation Handbook, that requires no formal civils design

All renewals are managed and tested in line with Network Rail standards and processes.

Project Summary

Site investigations and planning.

Vegetation clearance.

Route and UTX Clearance, including route re-aligning and supporting.

Cable running and installation.

Cable End Preparation.

Signalling Equipment & Wiring Installation.

Signalling Cable, Wiring & Equipment Pre-Test, and Commissioning.

4ft Equipment & Digging in Trestles.

Installation of Signal ladder anti-trespass guards, fitting hoops to ladders, repairing & replacing Kick Plates and handrails.


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