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Wessex Minor Works

Project Start Date: October 2022

Project Duration: 3 Years

Project Outline:

S&T Cover have once again been retained by Network Rail to manage and deliver reactive Signalling Minor Works related to the renewal of cables, track circuit equipment, points, wire degradation, Signals, and level crossing equipment across the Wessex Route.

These works are carried out under SMTH, G110 or SWTH standards, depending on the level of changes and testing required. Daytime working under Site Warden Protection is utilised for, surveying, correlation, and Installation works, with Possessions and or Line Blockages (and TS11.3) for Commissioning’s.

Project Summary

The renewal of lineside multicore cables

Signal head replacements, including Stencils, Theatres, JLI and Subsidiary Signals.

Signal base, post, and cable replacements.

TCAID replacements.

Level Crossing equipment renewals.

Wire degradation replacement.

Relay replacements.

Troughing route, URX, UTX and platform route works.

Ground frame circuit alterations.

SPT Renewals

Point machine renewals.

Cable route works.

Tail cable renewals.

Automatic warning system renewals


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