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Wessex Levels Crossing Renewals

Project Start Date: Nov. 2023

Project Duration: 14 Months

Project Outline:

S&T Cover have been engaged by Network Rail to renew 11 Level Crossings across the Wessex Route.


S&T Cover are renewing all obsolete equipment and replace the Road Traffic Light (RTL) posts and carrying out any remedial works associated with the project such as fencing alterations and vegetation clearance.


S&T Cover Ltd are delivering these complex projects which require both road & rail closures, community liaisons with minimal disruption to the travelling public.

Project Summary

·         Lineside cable renewal

·         Circuit alterations to Interface Road and Level Crossing warning lights.

·         Renewal of barrier Pedestals and Booms and machines on existing foundations including new barrier pedestal cages.

·         Refurbishment of the wig wag lights light posts.

·         Alterations to the signalling circuitry within the existing locations

·         Renewal of the audible warning devices.

·         Alterations to boundary fencing.

·         Update of signalling records.


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