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Viper Cable Guardian

Project Outline:

S&T Cover have worked with Network Rail and Viper Innovations to trial the introduction of a new Insulating Monitoring Devices (IMD) system, Viper Cable Guardian at Woking, to ensure the system works effectively and providing feedback so improvements could be made as required.

Installing a new Cable Guardian system included:

  • Functional Equivalent Design (FED) produced and checked by S&T Covers FED team

  • Correlation including determining the best position for the new Cable Guardian units within existing location.

  • Installation of the new Cable Guardian unit and associated equipment including an Aerial and Current Transducers (CTs) in existing location cases and Woking Power Pillar

  • Commissioning of the new units / system

  • Ongoing support and cover for any new Cable Guardian unit issues identified by Viper

S&T Cover successfully completed this project in line with the project aims of not affecting service or performance and route operations. The Cable Guardian system has successfully passed the trial phase and S&T Cover have now been contracted to install the system in 8 other locations on the Wessex route.

Project Summary

  • Functional Equivalent Design

  • Correlation

  • Installation at existing Location Cases and Power Pillar

  • Commissioning and testing to Network Rail standards

  • Ongoing support and issue resolution

  • Design, installation and commissioning at 8 new locations


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