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Southampton Area Life Extension

Project Start Date: Sept. 2022

Project Duration: 18 Months

Project Outline:

Engaged by Atkins on behalf of Network Rail to deliver the Southampton Life Extension Project S&T Cover are carrying out works to allow the Signalling System to remain safe and reliable operations. The Southampton area includes Mount Pleasant (MT), Southampton East & West (SN) and Totton (TN) Interlockings.

The Life Extension project is being delivered utilising the S&T Cover Offices at Eastleigh, plus a sub depot at Totton Yard. The scope includes the renewal of Lineside cables, Signals, Indicators and Tail Cables and Point back drives, the installation of new Location case hard standings and handrails and the construction of a new Under Road Crossing at Adelaide Level Crossing.

The works are being delivered through ‘green zone’ working, a Safe System of Work (SSoW) is established in accordance with the Network Rail hierarchy of SSoW procedures (NR/L2/OHS/019).

Work site protection is utilised in the most efficient way to complete the tasks, where possible make only one visit to any site. Pre-planning and whiteboard meetings are held to deconflict with others works and discuss any issues and requirements needed.

Project Summary

Lineside cable renewal

Signal and Indicator renewals and Tail cable renewals

Hard standings and Handrails construction

Point back drives renewal

New URX at Adelaide Level Crossing


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