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Signalling Power Supply (SPS) Reactive and Minor Renewals

Project Outline:

Due to S&T Covers vast experience in Signalling Project and Testing Management and with qualified teams that include IRSE Licensed personnel as well City and Guilds Electricians, S&T Cover have been repeatedly awarded the Signal Power Supply (SPS) Reactive & Minor Renewal Works contracts by Network Rail, covering both Wessex and Sussex. The contracts are E&P contracts with signalling elements covering two work streams:

SPS Triage Reactive

In line with an agreed Triage system, S&T Cover respond to an identified fault usually raised by Insulating Monitoring Devices (IMD), such as Bender Unit / Cable Guardian System / Earth Leakage Detectors. S&T Cover carry out initial visual inspections followed by a detailed inspection which may include the use of a portable Bender / Bender Wands and cable insulation testing.

Once S&T Cover has identified the issues and a rectification plan is approved by the Client, change over of the affected equipment, such as Power Cables, Power Enclosures and Bender components is carried out. These works may include route clearance, cable running, changeover, test and commission and recoveries.

SPS Packaged Minor Renewals

For larger or more complex renewals, Network Rail issue remits for the renewal of E&P Assets that S&T Cover deliver from design through to commissioning and recoveries. These renewals could include a new Bender unit, like those we have recently renewed at Motspur Park, Ash Vale and at Raynes Park, or power cables, cable trough routes and a Distribution Interface Transformer Assemblies (DITA) at Guildford for signalling power distributions

Project Summary

Full Project, Design (E&P, Signalling and Functionally Equivalent Design), Health & Safety and Testing (SMTH, G11O and A210) Management.

Time sensitive emergency renewals of:

  • Cable Routes

  • Signalling Power Cables

  • Bender Components

  • Power Enclosures

Planned Minor Renewals of:

  • Bender Units

  • Cables and Cable Routes

  • Distribution Interface Transformer Assemblies (DITA)


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