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Safety Focus Initiatives

Lid Up:

LID UP, is an example of how we respond to our personnel’s suggestions, particularly those that represent obvious safety risks. Lid-Up is a simple and yet effective Safety Focus, that was proposed by S&T Cover personnel, which supports “Everyone Home Safe Everyday”.

Every S&T Cover Operative, in line with Network Rails “Don’t Walk By” Initiative, will not walk by. At least once a week, each operative, including management, will put a minimum of one dislodged trough lid back into place if they spot a lid that has become dislodged, thus reducing hazards, accidents and improving operational productivity and safety throughout the railway network. For each Lid replaced, a Close Call is raised then immediately closed.

Any further dislodged lids that are not able to be replaced are reported as a Close Call to our HSQE Manager, who in turn reports it via Network Rails Close Call System.

Safety Summary

Improved operational Safety

Reduction in Hazards and accidents

Reduction in Close Calls

Improved Productivity

“Everyone Home Safe Everyday”


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