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Volunteering at Minstead Trust

A very fulfilling and successful volunteering day at Minstead Trust was had by the Southampton Area Life Extension (SALE) Project Team. Atkins (project PC) and S&T Cover collaborated on this social value initiative to support Minstead Trust.

Minstead Trust provides training and support that improves the lives of people with learning disabilities. The organisation helps adults to develop everyday living and work skills, which help with future employment opportunities as well as living happy and healthy lives. 

The SALE volunteering team were split into two teams. One team cleared a section of overrun Garden on the south terrace of Minstead Lodge to allow the estates team to plant new shrubs and flowers, which would enhance Minstead Trusts appeal as a Wedding Venue. The second team worked with Minstead’s woodwork tutors, Russ and Richard, along with a few of Minstead’s Students to upcycle a selection of obsolete cable drums, donated by the project team, into garden furniture, which Minstead Trust could sell on to raise much needed funding for the Trust.

For more information about Minstead Trust and the amazing support they offer adults with learning difficulties, please visit


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