S&T Cover Ltd is actively committed to embedding sustainable development into our procurement practices to reduce our impact on the environment and enhance integration into the communities that we operate within. Sustainable procurement ensures that we find suppliers that are aligned with our values and can assist with embedding our social and environmental objectives in line with our ISO14001:2015 Certification.

Supply chains are a natural extension of our workforce and the way in which we undertake our work is critical to delivering sustainability. We source materials from suppliers who promote sustainable manufacturing for example wood from Forest Certification System (FSC) certified sources and sub-contractors local to the project where possible, with the necessary skills to take on the complex signalling works required to deliver our projects.

Our focus of sustainable development extends beyond living within environmental limits. It is also about ensuring a strong, healthy and just society, for example;

  • Meeting the diverse needs of people in existing and future communities
  • Promoting personal wellbeing, social cohesion and inclusion
  • Creating equal opportunity

The three pillars of Sustainable Development together form a cohesive platform from which to build a sustainable environment for future generations to come. These are, Social Development, Economic Development and Environmental Protection.

Taking each in turn:

Social Development: 

S&T Cover supports our Workforce with good working conditions and appropriate training and education. We provide local suppliers and sub-contractors with an equal opportunity to compete for appropriate contracts, providing a safe, respectful and positive culture throughout the supply chain and contribute positively to the social and economic wellbeing of the communities in which we work. We minimise disruption, nuisance and environmental damage at our worksites and the surrounding areas.

Economic Development: 

S&T Cover advertise employment and training opportunities to give local communities an equal opportunity to work on Network Rail’s Controlled Infrastructure. We offer full employment, a fair wage, security and infrastructure in the form of the correct tools for the job. We also look to the future by way of apprentices and the available apprenticeship schemes available to help meet the growing needs of the rail network.

Environmental Protection:

S&T Cover utilise energy and water reduction initiatives and support the conservation and restoration of the natural environment and its precious resources. We reduce material use and potential waste and recover and reuse or recycle recovered materials and equipment. We ensure all personnel receive training and regular briefings on environmental issues. Our vehicles and plant are regularly serviced to maintain optimal performance and we constantly review and monitor the impact our vehicles present to the environment and as such have fitted speed limiters and tracking devices to reduce emissions and monitor driving styles. Spill kits are available in all team vehicles to quickly react to any chemical spill, should it happen.