Southampton Eastern Docks Additional Standage

Project Outline:

S&T Cover acted as Principle Contractor for South West Trains and Network Rail to make significant improvements to signalling arrangements, which has allowed Trains of up to 685 metres in length to safely stand at the new E838 Signal, whilst waiting for clearance to the main line and remain clear of Chapel Road Level Crossing. E840 signal was provided with a conditional Main Approach Release from Red (MAR) control to mitigate substandard braking distances.

In addition, S&T Cover installed a reset circuit, as designed by Network Rail, to allow longer trains to be routed into Southampton Eastern Docks. This now allows trains to straddle the Chapel Road Level Crossing without the crossing barriers raising prematurely. This upgrade included the installation of a post and switch mechanism to allow the crossing to be reset manually in the event of a failure.



Signal & Location Case Installation

650v Power Installation

Main and Shunters Panel Alterations

Signal Works Testing

Track Circuit and (AOCL+B) Reset Plunger Installation