Remote Condition Monitoring & Ti21 Conversions

Project Outline:

S&T Cover have converted 695 Ti21 track circuits with analogue transmitters and receivers to the latest EBI 200 mod state digital units to increase functional reliability and accommodate Remote Condition Monitoring fitment which can monitor critical track circuit parameters and give early indication of deteriorating track circuit performance.

730 Remote Condition Monitors (RCM) have been installed and commissioned by S&T Cover throughout Network Rail Wessex using the Intelligent Infrastructure System incorporating 1514 assets.

RCM will provide the opportunity for continual checks, allowing analysis to be conducted to provide warning of deterioration and assist with proactive maintenance planning. By using RCM, it is envisaged 25-30% of track circuit and point failures can be avoided.


Signal Installation

Location Case Installation

Track Circuit and AWS Installation

Master Panel Alterations

Full Testing