Lymington Town

Project Outline:

S&T Cover Ltd, successfully managed what was a small but complex project which required both Road & Rail Closures, Community Liaisons and Liaising with the Housing developer with minimal disruption to the travelling public.

The works consisted of;

  • Renewal of barrier machines with BR843 machines (fitted with Ultracontrollers) on new foundations including new barrier pedestal cages.
  • Renewal of the wig wag lights light posts with new galvanised steel type.
  • Alterations to the signalling circuitry within the existing locations to allow for the use of the BR843 machines.
  • Renewal of the audible warning devices.
  • Alterations to boundary fencing.
  • Update of signalling records.
  • Renewal of the Davenset 24V Charger in BL6-D with a 9 Amp Duvine DD910.

All works were successfully installed, Signal Works Tested and commissioned without delay and within budget.