Fareham Life Extension

S&T Cover worked in conjunction with May Gurney on behalf of Network Rail to renew and upgrade the following Signalling equipment in the Fareham area;

  • Three existing Signals, E810, E811 and E821 including posts and three Location Cases.
  • Construction of a four line gantry and installation of a new Signal, E825 and associated 650v power supply upgrade and new Location Case.
  • Re-location of existing E813 Signal.
  • Commission as E285 L.O.S., formerly known as 279 L.O.S, .
  • Renewal and relocation of TPWS and AWS equipment associated with the above signal works as required
  • Provision of a new Technicians Panel in Fareham RR reflecting the alterations from above.
  • Updating of the Eastleigh Signal Box Panel to reflect the new Track Circuit

Signal & Gantry Installation

Location Case Installation

Track Circuit, TPWS and AWS Installation

Master Panel Alterations

Signal Works Testing (multiple stages)